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References A U. Senate subcommittee report charging employees at back. This study sheds light on the controversy by revisiting the dispute surrounding similar advertising on craigslist.

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Using an observational preā€”post research de, I examined unique data collected from commercial sex on a North Carolina Craigslist site to assess the impact of enhanced ad screening measures that Craigslist implemented to address misuse of its ad hosting services. No full-text available. Request full-text PDF. Natalie Snow Dana L. Radatz Trisha Rhodes. Advancement of technology has broadened possibilities for people working in the sex industry. Specifically, sex workers' use of online classified advertisement websites to market companionship and escort services has increased in recent years, yet research has lagged behind these developments.

This study addresses the gap in research by examining female companionship advertisements on one of the most popular websites: Back. The lead author qualitatively analyzed over 1, advertisements to identify common craigslist Arizona sex and patterns in how escort companions were described. This study explores the type of identity claims escort companions make and how they formulate advertisements to appeal to a broad client base. Research on gendered stereotypes is used to interpret escort companions' use of language, symbols, and photography, through covert and overt messaging.

Study revealed that women offering companion services promoted and reinforced traditional gendered stereotypes through their online advertisements. Findings may be used to understand the context of sex work.

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Kristopher Jackson Shana M Judge. Given the stigma surrounding sex work and the illegal nature of many aspects of commercial sex activity, empirical research is lacking regarding the health-related behaviors of sex workers, particularly male sex workers who have sex with men MSM sex workers. To better understand the MSM sex worker community and their potential health needs, we analyzed certain sexual health-related behaviors as advertised online by MSM sex workers in the San Francisco area.

Using descriptive and bivariate statistical tests, we examined whether age- and race-related differences existed among these sex workers in the following publicly advertised behaviors: use of pre-exposure prophylaxis and a willingness to engage in illicit drug use or condomless anal intercourse. Although we found no ificant differences by race in terms of advertised pre-exposure prophylaxis use or willingness to engage in condomless sex, our show statistically ificant craigslist Arizona sex by race with respect to willingness to use drugs.

This difference could be driven by the younger average age of the non-White sex workers in our sample. These findings help inform our understanding of MSM sex work and its associated risks. Full-text available. Anthony Marcus Jo Sanson A. Horning Ric Curtis. Human trafficking has been identified as the second or third most profitable illicit business on the planet. Underlying these claims and billions of dollars in policy funding since the s is an economics of human trafficking built heavily on two assumptions.

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The first is that nonconsensual labor is more profitable than consensual labor with minors being particularly profitable due to their ubiquity and inability to effectively consent. The second is that, unlike illicit narcotic and weapons sales, human trafficking involves a uniquely renewable and nearly limitless source of profit. This article uses empirical data collected from street sex markets in Atlantic City, New Jersey in to test some of the assumptions of the economics of human trafficking and puts particular focus on U.

Consistent with broader literature by economic historians and labor process scholars, findings do not support the assumptions of trafficking economics, suggesting the need for trafficking economists and policymakers to give more consideration to local political economies of sex in the de of antitrafficking policy. Semantic and the problem of nonspecificity in female genital slang.

Virginia Braun Celia Kitzinger.

Two questionnaire studies on female genital slang FGTs are presented. Study One explored semantic in different FGTs and different male genital terms [MGTs] collected from females and males. Data were coded into 17and tested for sex differences.

More FGTs were coded standard slang, euphemism, space, receptacle, abjection, hair, animal, or money. More MGTs were coded personification, gender identity, edibility, danger, or nonsense. Study Two used 49 FGTs to investigate the extent to which slang provides a consistent specific vocabulary for female genitals.

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The respondents commented on 5 terms each. The implications of both findings for women's genital experiences and sexuality are discussed. The current study investigated seasonal variation in internet searches regarding sex and mating behaviors. Harmonic analyses were used to examine the seasonal trends of Google keyword searches during the past 5 years for topics related to pornography, prostitution, and mate-seeking.

indicated a consistent 6-month harmonic cycle with the peaks of keyword searches related to sex and mating behaviors occurring most frequently during winter and early summer. Such compliment past research that has found similar seasonal trends of births, sexually transmitted infections, condom sales, and abortions.

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Anthony Scott Cunningham Todd D. Economic theory suggests that men in transit can shift demand for commercial sex work. We estimate the responsiveness of labor supply to these two conventions, focusing on a ly neglected but increasingly important segment of the prostitution market: indoor sex workers who advertise on the Internet. Using a differences-in-differences estimator of prostitution advertisements posted on a major classified website, we find that the conventions caused a percent increase in advertisements in Minneapolis and a percent increase in Denver.

Given the key role prostitution plays in the transmission of STIs, these imply that focusing public health resources on men in transit may be beneficial. Prostitution 2.


The use of Internet technology for solicitation by sex workers has raised important legal and regulatory questions. We provide a description of the new institutions that facilitate prostitution online, and their potential market effects. We then supply some of the first evidence on several key parameters of interest to policymakers.

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First, we find that workers who solicit online largely represent growth in the overall prostitution market, as opposed to simple displacement of the off-line, street-focused market, although we find sizeable displacement effects among sex workers in their 30s and 40s. Using a newly-implemented survey, we also find that most sex workers who solicit online engage in lower-risk behaviors than traditional street-based workers; however, workers close to the margin for migration from outdoor work bring riskier business and sexual practices with them as they enter the off-street-sector.

From Craigslist to Back. Jun Monica DeLateur. This paper presents original research examining whether third-party websites, like Back. There have been challenges with prosecuting third-party websites due to the Communications Decency Act CDA ; however, by utilizing the federal crime exception to the CDA, this paper presents a unique case analysis of four federal human trafficking cases identified through a comprehensive national dataset to explore whether federal conspiracy elements can be met against websites involved in sex trafficking cases.

Following an evaluation of potential defenses brought by third-party websites, I conclude conspiracy is a promising approach for a key of cases, but additional facts need to be collected in preparing for prosecution of third-party websites for federal conspiracy, particularly regarding the element of intent. This article contributes a unique analysis of an available option to prosecutors of human trafficking, and recent events support this research on how to hold third-parties able for sex trafficking.

Jun Crim Justice Pol Rev. Judge Blake Boursaw. In this study, we addressed the need for empirical research on human trafficking by compiling unique data relating to criminal charges filed in federal judicial districts and using these craigslist Arizona sex to examine trends in sex trafficking-related cases, as well as the impact on those trends of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of TVPA.

from our regression models indicate that the proportion of all charges filed by federal prosecutors that involved sex trafficking and related cases increased ificantly between and The rate of increase, however, slowed in the time period following the passage of the TVPA, suggesting that the TVPA may have helped to mitigate increases in new cases. In addition, our show statistically ificant inverse relationships between immigration and sex trafficking-related charges filed, providing new evidence to support the possibility that some sex trafficking-related cases may be being prosecuted as immigration cases instead.

Striking a new balance of power. Jan Apr We present a few data analysis methods that can be used to process advertisements for escort services craigslist Arizona sex in public areas of the Internet. These data provide a readily available proxy evidence for modeling and discerning human-trafficking activity. We show how it can be used to identify advertisements that likely involve such activity.

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We demonstrate its utility in identifying and tracking entities in the Web-advertisement data even if strongly identifiable features are sparse. We also show a few possible ways to perform community- and population-level analyses including behavioral summaries stratified by various types of activity and detection of emerging trends and patterns.

Sep Mark Latonero.

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